Eye drops for treating irritated eyes

Without preservatives

OCUflash blue is a very gentle and safe product, specially developed for newborns, children, pregnant and nursing woman, as well as for all people that have sensitive eyes. OCUflash blue contains a plant called Eyebright, and that can help you in all situations with irritated eyes. 

After creation of OCUflash, who has become a very successful product in many countries, Unimed Pharma Laboratory has decided to keep track with the trends in ophthalmology, and launch a new version of OCUflash, with same benefits, but without preservatives. And that’s how OCUflash blue was created.

Because of his isotonic compound, the product is suitable for rinsing eyes, and removing all uncomfortable feelings in your eyes; like dust, smoke, chlorinated or sea water, foreign bodies, but also for treating of non-infective inflammations of eyelids and conjunctive.

OCUflash blue without preservatives

  • helps with eye irritation, stye, festering, tearing, or stinging eyes
  • relieves discomfort in the eye such as burning, cutting, itching and a foreign body sensation in the eye
  • helps eliminate redness of the eyes in case of allergies, fatigue, when staying in smoking areas, etc.
  • immediately cleanses eyes of chlorinated and seawater, dust, sand, and other foreign bodies